Cassandra Lawson - Crushing on Kenzie (Deluded Serenity #2)
RD April 24, 2021

Cassandra Lawson.jpg

It was a forbidden kiss that was best forgotten.
The problem is, I canít forget.

I canít have her, but I canít stop dreaming about her.
Kenzie is my bandmateís little sisterótotally off-limits. We just started our first big tour, and Iím not about to mess up our big shot. Of course, itís a lot easier to resist temptation when itís not right in front of me.

One more forbidden kiss and I suddenly have a very big problemóI can no longer pretend I donít want her.

After crushing on Kenzie for years, sheís finally in my arms again, and Iím going to make her mine.