Jenika Snow - Enemies with Benefits (A Real Man #27) *ADULT*
RD December 21, 2020

Jenika Snow (2).jpg

-All stories in the Real Man series can be read as complete standalone titles-

It was hate at first sight.
 Thatís what I told myself anyway, because wanting Malachi, who was my brotherís best friend, probably wasnít the smartest move.

He got under my skin in the worst kind of way... and I was pretty sure he got off on it.

I could have ignored my desire, an arousal that was at war with my annoyance with Mal, but then we found each other alone at my parentsí house and everything changed.

He taunted, teased... pushed me to the point I couldnít stop myself from acting out, letting my arousal take control.

I started showing Mal exactly how much I wanted him, even if it was the worst idea of my life.

Or maybe it wasnít.

What I didnít anticipate was him giving me a night Iíd never forget, a night that would shake all other experiences in my life.
It was after that when I realized I didnít hate Malachi. I was hopelessly, madly, and irrevocably in love with him.

Sleeping with the enemy never felt so good.